Dry Ice Supply UK are a leading nationwide dry ice manufacturing company. Through our strategic network of dry ice manufacturing and distribution, we aim to provide our customers with an excellent and reliable service.

Nationwide Coverage

We cater for a large range of companies across a variety of different industries, covering the whole nation.

Next Day Delivery

Orders are processed for next day delivery and tracked to ensure real time info.

Food Grade Produce

Suitable for use in food and drink, typically used in bars and nightclubs for special effects in cocktails.

Eco Friendly

Dry ice is an eco-friendly product that leaves no mess or residue, due to the way it sublimes on contact.


  • Orders processed for next day delivery.

  • Hassle free ordering process.

  • Next day delivery

  • Deliveries tracked to ensure real time info.

  • In depth industry knowledge to help identify correct pellet size.

  • Excellent customer service

  • Technical support from our in-house industrial chemist

  • Free impartial advice on dry ice supplies and its applications

  • Minimal Sublimation

  • Quality Ice

  • Bagged or Loose Pellets

  • 3mm, 10mm or 16mm Pellets

What Is Dry Ice?

Dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide; it does not melt. It simply sublimes into the atmosphere leaving no liquid residue. It is commonly used in food and dairy transportation, special effects for theatre production companies, dry ice blast cleaning and many more industries.

The possibilities of the uses of dry ice are endless, from keeping meat at optimum temperature, ensuring ice cream is kept in its solid form during transportation, for smoke effects at television studios and large events to special effects in nightclubs.

Dry ice is also a number one choice for ice blast cleaning projects such as restoring oak beams and cleaning of machinery in factories.

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