Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is an eco-friendly and non-abrasive blast cleaning system. The ice is propelled from a machine onto a contaminant. The ice will then expand and explode, producing fracking effect that removes the contaminant from the substrate, leaving the object clean and unharmed, dry ice is non-abrasive, and therefore will not cause damage to hard surfaces covered in stubborn contaminant. Ice blast cleaning leaves no mess or residue due to the way it sublimes on contact.

Dry ice blast cleaning is used in a large variety of industries:

Aircraft & Aerospace

  • Brake components

  • Engine cleaning

  • Landing gear

Automotive Industry

  • Equipment cleaning

  • Mould cleaning

  • Painting systems cleaning

  • Rim assembly equipment cleaning

  • Robotic welding equipment cleaning

  • Removing rubber from test and alignment equipment

  • Tire manufacturing equipment cleaning

  • Windshield and body sealants cleaning

Baking & Food Processing

  • Bakery moulds

  • Conveyors

  • Drip pans

  • Flour sifters

  • Mixers

  • Ovens

  • Proof boxes

  • Slicers

  • Wafer oven plates

Electrical Equipment & Power Plants

  • Transformers

  • Circuit boards

  • Switch gears

  • Motors

  • Sub-stations


  • Permanent aluminium moulds

  • Core boxes

Medical & Pharmaceutical

  • Micro moulds

  • Surgical stents

  • Catheters

Pet Food Industry

  • Ovens

  • Conveyors

  • Packaging machinery

  • General plant maintenance


  • Moulds

  • Injection screws

  • Containers

  • Conveyors


  • Press cleaning

  • General maintenance

Restoration & Remediation

  • Historical restoration

  • Fire restoration

  • Mould remediation

Other Applications

  • Flood and water damage

  • Graffitti & gum removal