Cocktail Stirrers

These unique cocktail stirrers are the perfect addition to any party or event. Immediately create an extra wow factor with a dry ice cocktail. The open/close compartment creates a barrier between the dry ice and the drinker allowing a fun and safe experience. They can also be used as infusion stirrers as a way of introducing other flavours into a drink.

  • Safe

  • Reusable

  • Quick & easy to use

  • Can be used in hot or cold beverages

  • Creates spectacular effects

  • Chills your beverages without diluting them


Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide (CO2). When placed in a liquid, dry ice will sublimate from solid to gas. Majority of the gas will bubble to the surface and create a mist. A small amount of gas will dissolve into the liquid to effectively carbonate the beverage. The slight carbonation effect is enough to create a tingle sensation.

Carbonated Drinks

Ironically dry ice does not mix well with carbonated soft drinks or beer. The vigorous bubbling action will substantially un-carbonate the beverage leaving the drink “flat”.

Non Diluting

Dry ice immediately sublimes into a gas, meaning it is cold enough to chill beverages without watering down and diluting the beverage unlike regular ice cubes.


Dry ice is −78. °C .This is extremely cold and can be extremely dangerous if handled improperly without the use of gloves or swallowed. Always ensure dry ice compartment is securely closed before serving.

Dry Ice Cocktail Sticks

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