Dry Ice Halloween

When Halloween season arrives Dry Ice is the perfect way to make your house, bar or restaurant stand out from the rest. By simply adding some Dry Ice in a beaker of warm water you can get a safe low lying fog effect which lasts. This can be inside carved pumpkins, a witches cauldron or used with a Dry Ice fog machine to give the low lying fog effect on the dance floor.

Dry Ice can also be used in cocktails to give the smoke effect by simply dropping a small pellet into the glass although we recommend to be used with our cocktail sticks which has a capsule for the pellet to sit in and close and can sit in the drink safely with no risk of ingesting the Dry Ice.

Get in touch now to order your Dry Ice for your next event to create an atmosphere everybody will remember.

For all Dry Ice Halloween Enquiries Please Contact Tel : 0800 096 5110 or Tel: 0844 241 3061 or Tel: 03332 001 677 or Email info@dryicesupplyuk.com

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