Dry Ice Supply UK caters for a large range of industries


Dry ice can be used for educational purposes both in schools and universities in science laboratories for experiments. It is also used to keep pharmaceutical work in fresh condition.


Bars & Nightclubs

Dry ice is used in bars and nightclubs for special effects typically used for giving cocktails, and champagne buckets, that extra wow factor.


Meat Suppliers

Dry ice is used for the packing of meat, in order for it to maintain a constant cool temperature, due to prolonged periods of transportation time to stores, shops and distribution outlets etc.

Fishermen & Fishmongers

Dry ice is used in the fish trade to keep freshly caught produce frozen as soon as it is caught; dry ice is also used in fish stalls and markets to keep the produce fresh. Dry ice helps to preserve the fish in a simple yet effective manner.


Dry ice is used to ship a large variety and quantities of items, covering a wide range of edible/perishable goods. It is vital that suppliers make sure that the produce is as fresh as possible, making dry ice the best temperature control solution.


Airlines use dry ice to ensure that any frozen items being transported by plane are kept at a constant cool temperature, in order for it to be delivered fresh and in good condition for prospective clients.

Ice Cream Distribution

Dry ice is used in the distribution of ice cream and other frozen items to keep them at an optimum temperature.

Event Management

Events management teams for concerts, and theatre production, use dry ice to enhance performances through creating smoke effects.

Vaccine / Medical Use

The use of dry ice plays a key role within the medical and pharmaceutical industries.  Dry Ice is primarily used for transportation of vaccines, organs and blood. Dry Ice can temperature control packages during transportation to cool between -70 and -80 degrees.   Dry Ice Supply UK manufacture ice to a medical and food grade standard and is suitable for use for pharmaceutical and medical purposes.    Dry Ice Supply UK can offer numerous options of packaging of our dry ice for use in medical and pharmaceutical packages for transport and dry ice for vaccine transport.  Dry Ice Supply UK can offer next day delivery on supply and can also offer a repeat order services. For enquiries in relation to support for the supply dry ice for vaccine and medical transport and distribution please contact Kathy Hulmes to discuss any requirements you may have for supply within this industry.


The pharmaceutical industries most commonly use dry ice for the delivery and shipping of vaccines across the world. Our dry ice is manufactured to food grade standards.

TV & Film

Dry ice is commonly used in the film industry to make special effects such as a smoke & cloud effects.

Dry Ice Blasting / Industrial Cleaning

Dry ice blasting is an eco-friendly and non-abrasive blast cleaning system. The ice is propelled from a machine onto a contaminant. The ice will then expand and explode, producing fracking effect that removes the contaminant from the substrate, leaving the object clean and unharmed, dry ice is non-abrasive, and therefore will not cause damage to hard surfaces covered in stubborn contaminant. Ice blast cleaning leaves no mess or residue due to the way it sublimes on contact.

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