The use of dry ice plays a key role within the medical and pharmaceutical industries.  Dry Ice is primarily used for transportation of vaccines, organs and blood. Dry Ice can temperature control packages during transportation to cool between -70 and -80 degrees.   Dry Ice Supply UK manufacture ice to a medical and food grade standard and is suitable for use for pharmaceutical and medical purposes.    Dry Ice Supply UK can offer numerous options of packaging of our dry ice for use in medical and pharmaceutical packages for transport and dry ice for vaccine transport.  Dry Ice Supply UK can offer next day delivery on supply and can also offer a repeat order services. For enquiries in relation to support for the supply dry ice for vaccine and medical transport and distribution please contact Kathy Hulmes to discuss any requirements you may have for supply within this industry.

For all Enquiries Please Contact Tel : 0800 096 5110 (Free Phone) or Tel: 0844 241 3061 or Tel: 03332 001 677 or Email